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Owner & Operator

Phil Jacobson

Being around trees provides a sense of calm, centering, and connectedness to our natural world. I have felt a calling to them from as a far back as my earliest memories as a child playing among them, as a young man trekking through them on the wildland fire lines, to now, making a home amidst them. 

My passion for trees has evolved over the years, developing into a unique skill set as I add new courses each season, and grow with the knowledge I carry.

In creating Terra Nova, I felt connected to its meaning of New Earth and new beginnings.  With a focus on environmental conscientiousness, we concentrate efforts on supporting the tree in its life.  

Trees naturally adapt to the stresses from the environment better than we give credit.  In supporting their endeavours, we can focus our efforts on helping them maintain vigour and vitality through best management practices.


As I continue on this chapter of my professional career, I find great joy in my work.

That said, my greatest joy comes from raising our daughter and son to connect with the forest around us, and care for it, as it cares for us. Little do they know, they'll be climbing as soon as a kids’ harness fits! For now, the eldest makes an excellent wood stacker and no doubt our youngest will follow her every move this season!

Both are part of my incredible support team with my wife Brit, and our pups June and Jura.

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