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Us Helping Trees,

Trees Helping Us.

Clients have various goals when deciding to take a saw to a tree.  Through pruning, we are able to maintain and improve the health of the tree and help mitigate potential hazards to people and property.

Preserving and promoting best health of trees is our main goal. Trees provide a wide variety of functions, and essential resources, such as; carbon sequestration, shade, deflection of wind and rain, ecosystems, aesthetic and fruit. 



Safe, Efficient, Reliable

Sometimes a tree has outgrown its space, is diseased, or simply needs to be dismantled if it presents a serious hazard for neighbouring structures.  
Whatever the reason, I emphasize safety and efficiency to get the job done.
As a climber, I am able to access trees that machinery may not be able to due to space restrictions.



Trees: A Second Life

If in the event, a tree must come down, we offer services to give it a second purpose, inclusive of; cutting pieces to firewood size, or on-site milling of larger stems for potential future projects, used at the discretion of the client.

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